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Jonathan K. Angle(non-registered)
I stumbled across your website and am amazed at your photography. I work at an Art School and see a lot of good photography, but yours really stands out. Good work!
Chris and Jean(non-registered)
Little did we know we were in the presence of such an artist! Your work is so beautiful. It's like looking at poetry.
Donna Richey(non-registered)
Thank you Heather for such great pictures of Lea. Who would have thought when you were changing her diapers that one day you would make her senior pictures. You do an excellent job !!! We love them and are so proud of your work.
Wand McGee(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos!
Sandy Smith(non-registered)
They are truly beautiful........and each tells a story!! Keep up the good work!
Danny Head(non-registered)
Your images are awesome...... loved them all. I really liked the ones with the misty old roads.
Very beautiful pictures!!! You are and awesome photographer. I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work. Love you.
Karen (Momma)(non-registered)
Every time I look at your pictures, I can see such vast improvement in the quality. It amazes me how you can truly capture the memory with just a photograph. But, that is what a true artist does and you are a natural with a God-given gift. The love you have for photography and the photos you produce is evident in this website you have created!! Keep up the good work. :) I love you!!!! Oh, and these words are from Daddy, too, even though he would never type them himself. ;)
Heather, you are so talented. What an unique and special eye God blessed you with! I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of you! I'm so happy you are following your dream and what extraordinary work you are producing. I love you and keep up the great work!
anne reeder
I enjoyed your entries...looking forward to many more. Anne
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